Computed Tomography A Primer For Radiographers

Computed Tomography A Primer For Radiographers

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Shayne Chau, Christopher M Hayre


CRC Press







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This book acts as a primer for radiographers upon performing computed tomography (CT) examinations. The focus resides in radiation physics, radiobiology, anatomy, imaging protocols and image evaluation. It seeks to provide readers insight into the practical and innovative approaches within CT, backed up with key literature and examples in practice. Recent innovations and the importance of new technology to acquire enhanced quality remain a focal point. These are essential in understanding the importance of dose optimization, patient anatomy and common pathology observed. Patient care will remain central in this book, supported with a dedicated chapter discussing effective communication, patient education, informed consent, coupled with the assessment of laboratory results and vital signs. The editors draw from recent publications and clinical expertise, supported with the growing trend of technological advances utilized within the CT environment. Critically, this volume focuses on the role of CT for an array of audiences but, more specifically, undergraduate and postgraduate radiographers worldwide.

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